Our team consists of entrepreneurs. We get it. We are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering intelligent website, strategies, and technology solutions that drive net new revenue.

Javelin is a passion project.

We love what we do. When you work with us, it will be clear immediately. From a text from our customers about a website lead to our quarterly ROI meeting, seeing smiles, success, and hearing the stories are the greatest dopamine rush.

Since 2000, we have always been ahead of the curve by always including advanced digital marketing technology and solutions to help our clients grow their businesses. We are continuously refining our processes and technologies as the industry evolves – these days it’s all about A.I. We are proud to say our empathetic culture, and our passion for the industry is the driving force behind our ability to provide success for our clients.

Our Core Values

  • Be authentic, empathetic, and enthusiastic.
  • Educate and empower your clients.
  • Make decisions based on what is best for the client.
  • No Gut shots. Use data to drive the strategy.
  • Be ethical. Work with only one company per industry.

What Our Clients Say

“Before we started working with Javelin, our website looked nice, but it was not easy to find online and it was difficult to understand what we do as a business. We were ranking for keywords that had nothing to do with our services and we had almost zero valuable backlinks. Our website grew from being invisible on Google, to popping up on the first page for a few targeted keywords. They have helped us improve our brand identity, ad strategy, website map, and content, and ensured that all our backlinks are positive. The work they have done both on the front and back end of our website has been invaluable. Javelin is truly a jack-of-all-trades partner to us at Matrix-NDI. If we have a question or a problem, they will find a solution while educating us along the way.”

Tana Larsen, Marketing Director for

“Working with Javelin has been both an absolute success and pleasure. Entering any IT-based project can feel daunting (to say the least), but Kevin and his team have worked hard to ensure our team at The Advisory Group had a heartbeat on the project, its progress, and their next steps with our website and SEO. Not only did our team feel that our voices were heard, but we also noticed our ideas were integrated into the overall project, creating the true definition of business synergy. If you’re considering partnering with Javelin, we highly recommend it!”

McKenzee H., Marketing Director for

“As a nonprofit, it’s important to us that our website and other digital pieces communicate our message effectively and clearly. Kevin and Javelin understand our needs and audience. Not only do they answer our questions and get things done, but they’re also great friends of our organization, and we hope to work with them for a long time.”

Tuesday M., Marketing Coordinator for

“Javelin has been invaluable in improving our website design and functionality, security, digital presence, and outreach. Their expertise and ability to problem solve technical issues in “layman’s terms” has been extremely helpful. Kevin and his team always make themselves available to help troubleshoot issues as they arise in a very timely manner. They are truly invested in our organization and its success.”

Angie H., Executive Director for

“Choosing Javelin for our website and SEO needs this past year has been a great decision! Kevin and his team are experts at backlinking, SEO, content navigation and mapping. In addition, Kevin works closely with our marketing team to develop campaigns as needed and has provided software recommendations, set-up and integration advice so we can be as efficient as possible. We are glad we have the right team and technical experts supporting our business website needs and definitely recommend Javelin!”

Dawn Boyle, Vice President of

Working with the team at Javelin has been a competitive advantage for my business. I rely on them as an expert extension to my marketing consulting services with several important clients. Their deep knowledge of web technology and SEO best practices, coupled with efficient project management, has helped my customers win and my business shine.

Pete Steege, A vCMO Partner, President of B2B Clarity Marketing

“Web Javelin staff have been incredible partners to our business. As we are a newcomer to the e-commerce world, their knowledge of the customer journey, SEO landscape and trends in the online space is invaluable. They are great listeners and problem solvers, guiding us through each step of our challenges and growth, and explaining often complex world of web in simple, easy to follow ways. As our business needs have evolve from opening our doors to celebrating our two-year anniversary, their flexibility and patience have been instrumental. “

Jodi Massey, CMO of

Need a marketing techie / developer / nice guys to help with a website project?

From development to hosting, we can help with that too. We will help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Why Choose Javelin?

The will be obvious to you immediately. We are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering intelligent website strategies that produce revenue and give you insight into your business.

See what a difference we can make for you and your business.


When you make an investment, you want it to perform as was promised. That’s why Javelin focuses on your need to be an industry leader in your industry. We provide real data, real results, and a real relationship you will want to keep for years to come.


Proper website design and strategy are critical to ensure maximum return from your investment. Javelin’s team has the technical knowledge, comprehensive training, and extensive industry experience to develop a plan that precisely fits your needs.


In the online strategy industry, it is also important to pick a relationship with a web and SEO firm that is always looking forward, pushing new ideas, and keeping you ahead of the pack. For 20 years, our ‘crystal ball’ methodology works well, and our clients will agree with us.


Javelin is an avant-garde internet marketing and business consultancy comprised of established entrepreneurs with over 20 years together. We use relationships, experience and data-driven decisions to take your business to the next level.

Kevin Calgren, Founder & CEO

My core passion, and why I founded Web Javelin, is to use my technology and entrepreneurial experience to ethically help more complicated industries, service companies, and emerging products with focused online marketing strategies and processes that create results quickly to reach their sales and often their EBIDTA goals in the long term.

My second passion is mentoring budding entrepreneurs as well as young adults entering a career in technology. Our economy needs both, and I hope what I do helps bring that forward.

David Peterson, Lead Strategist

With 30 years in IT and marketing, I am a creative problem-solver inspired by innovation and collaboration. Wired for business building. A versatile, strategic intrapreneurial executive with experience establishing and leading complex sales and marketing operations over multiple industries. Expertise focused on the development of operational integrity and efficiency in marketing, human resources, consulting, recruiting, business development, finance, licensing, community involvement, relational sales, networking, negotiations, strategic alliances, P&L responsibility, and client/employee retention. Techno-nerd.