Success Means Sales, Not Just Keyword Rankings

All of us here at Web Javelin have been in your business shoes – we get it. Take solace in that we are only comprised of talent that have had to make the same hard decisions you do every day. We bring our experience with startup products to established businesses to help create your strategies, processes, relevant online presence, and use technology to your advantage. Our role is not to just shove keyword reports at you – it is to teach and communicate – and to build a sound long term relationship.

Web Javelin is an end-to-end digital marketing agency. We’re an Adwords management company, search engine marketing specialists, web developers, and more. Our primary value is transparency and regardless of which service you need, you can expect best-in-class customer service, one-on-one communication, and a passionate team of digital marketers invested in your company’s success.

Why Web Javelin? MAKE YOUR MARK!

As our team is full of track and field athletes, we picked our name because we know that a javelin throw is similar to a website that generates revenue – they share a similar four step process for success:


Therefore, just like a javelin throw, its always our goal to “make your mark” and exceed the distance you did previously.

One Customer Per Industry

Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch of SEO experts who focus solely with your industry. It is unethical if one SEO consultant partner is doing the work for 2 direct competitors. We only work for one customer in one industry at a time.

We have over 2 decades of experience in a diverse range of industries from Astronomy to Zinc-plating. With that understanding, we are able to work successfully with clients in a wide range of industries. Web Javelin is comfortable, effective and experienced in a DIY product as we are in the manufacturing service industry.

Our knowledge base extends deeply into effective tactics for service industry related business, as well as non-profit organizations. Since 2000, we have helped businesses and clients of all kinds, communicate effectively online with diverse audiences in a multitude of industries and market segments.

Let's Look Under The Hood!

Web Javelin offers a free brief assessment on how your website is performing. We are different as we also ask for the context of your current relationship with your web and seo consultants. If they are doing well for you, we will let you know and perhaps a few topics to resolve with them. If they are failing you, we will let you know and will help you get to a better place. We are not out to win every customer- it must be the right relationship for both of us.