About Web Javelin

Web Javelin is an avant-garde internet marketing and business consultancy comprised of established entrepreneurs with over 20 years together. We use relationships, experience and data-driven decisions to take your business to the next level

Educate. Trust. Deliver.

With our extensive experience, we will help you with most website and online presence needs. Since 2000, we have used advanced digital marketing technology and solutions to help our clients grow their businesses. We are continuously refining our processes and technologies as the industry evolves. We are proud to say our empathetic culture, and our passion for the industry, is the driving force behind our ability to provide success for our clients.

Extensive technical and industries experience.
Do what is right. Trust is Earned.
Focus on client education and ROI.

We Understand Your Challenges.

Our team are all entrepreneurs.  We get it. We are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering intelligent website, strategies, and technology solutions that drive net new revenue.

You’ve been ‘burned’ before

You previously worked with a well known firm that promised the world. Now you are here, probably with nothing, needing a fresh voice and has your best interests at heart.

You tried SEO yourself.

You are obviously a smart and capable person, but what is your time worth? Google changes its rules so frequently, unless you do this full time its hard to keep up. Maybe you burned a lot of cash in Google Adwords. We are hear to help.

Your relationship with your current vendor is non-existent.

A true consultant in any industry, if they are doing their job and you see the value, should not feel like your phone bill when you receive the invoice. We have 10+ year relationships as we focus on what is worth your time to be a part of, create clear reports for you to understand what is working and what isn’t, and will truly feel like part of your team.

You are in a difficult or perhaps ‘boring’ industry.

We love working with companies that our competition doesn’t touch. Highly technical is great. We are all IT people too. From Astronomy to Zinc-plating, we’ve got you covered.

You just need someone to call for awhile on changes/fixes.

Never fear, we can do that too. It is important to keep things secure in-between marketing sprints or when your time is available. We can start simple and grow the relatonship while we work on a future strategy.

Looking for a Return on Investment?

Typically our search engine optimization projects, in terms of their initial up-front capital costs, have one to three year paybacks. They pay for themselves through refresh in strategy, design, user experience, technology, and keeping pace with industry best practices.

Why Choose Web Javelin?

The will be obvious to you immediately. We are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering intelligent website strategies that produce revenue and give you insight into your business. See what a difference we can make for you and your business.


Proper website design and strategy is critical to ensure maximum return from your investment. Web Javelin’s team has the technical knowledge, comprehensive training, and extensive industry experience to develop a plan that precisely fits your needs.


When you make an investment, you want it to perform as was promised. That’s why Web Javelin focuses on your need to be an industry leader in your industry. We provide real data, real results, and a real relationship you will want to keep for years to come.


In the online strategy industry, it is also important to pick a relatonship with a web and SEO firm that is always looking forward, pushing new ideas, and keeping you ahead of the pack. For 20 years, our ‘crystal ball’ methodology works well, and our clients will agree with us.

Technologies - Did You Know?

Many online technologies that assist with SEO are in the "freemium" model - or it costs nothing at first. From Hubspot on, we make sure you leverage all sales technologies, but only at the level you require to save your budget.

Our History

The idea that is now Web Javelin originated in 1996 from Kevin Calgren as a simple graphics house working on t-shirts, branding and deploying simple HTML small business websites. With the advent of emerging SEO strategies, we began the process of building our methodologies, best practices, and take on client relationships. Over the years, our brand, focus and leadership have differentiated, but the core talents and client success of the core members has remained.


Our Website Hosting Response Center watches your website 24/7 for uptime and security. If there is an issue, likely we know about it before you do. However, if you require technical support and troubleshooting please contact us below as it is monitored 24/7.

  • "We were previously unsure what our previous web and seo consultants were doing for us. From our website being down frequently to being near invisible online, all we received were keyword reports and later found out or website strategy was only focused on 5% of our opportunity. We are glad we found Kevin and his team."

    Adam - Energy System Industry